Month: February 2014

Show prep tips for radio DJs

In the book, Radio: How to start and how to succeed, there are a lot of real and tested tips for developing quality show prep for your radio show.  Really, it comes down to the quality of your work and how much you want do.  The more show prep you do, the more prepared you’ll be and the better you’ll sound.  You can only fake it for so long, at some point, you need to do the work.

1.  First of all, take time to find quality show prep.  Show prep doesn’t just happen right before your show either, it’s something you’re constantly collecting.  After a while you’ll be keeping an eye out for good stories as part of your daily routine and after a little while longer, you’ll begin to see everything through the eyes of a broadcaster.  Every conversation you overhear, every strange thing you see, every awkward moment you experience can be turned into a story you could share on the radio.  Show prep is everywhere in our lives, it’s all around you.  It’s even easier now with Twitter and Facebook.  You can see exactly what’s trending and be able to incorporate it into your show if it fits your audience.  Start being aware of your surroundings right now; what things are happening in your life right now that you could turn into a relatable story for a radio show?

2.  Check the paper, talk to the DJ from the previous shift, look through any office memos and take note of any equipment problems.  After you’ve done this, find a quiet place to sit and decide what you will use for this shift and what you can use for another shift.  Preparing yourself for your shift will make you more comfortable on the air.

3.  Always have at least two local topics, two national topics, two entertainment/information stories, and at least one personal story ready to go before you’re on the air.  Try to incorporate one of these in each break.  Just one though, talking about too many things in each break is exhausting for both you and the listeners.

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