Back to school?

I’m one of those people who truly loves Christmas time.  I couldn’t care less if they start putting out Christmas decorations in September, in fact, it makes me happy to see it every year.  But “back to school” supplies?  That I can do without.  I absolutely love that I can buy 10 notebooks for a buck or packs of crayons for 25 cents but I’m just getting into the swing of things with summer.

I remember those lazy summer days I had growing up as a kid.  Now, I know lazy isn’t something working parents have the luxury of indulging in all that often, but summer is made for jammies until 10, lemonade on the patio, and easy suppers (often made on the grill).  I’m not ready to jump back into alarm clocks and sprinting to the bus stop, in my pajamas, through my frosty 20 degree front lawn, waving my hands frantically so the annoyed bus driver won’t leave without us.  (Hey buddy, I’m annoyed too.  I’m annoyed that even though you’re supposed to be here within a minute or two of the scheduled time, it’s always a much bigger gap of ten minutes early or fifteen minutes late.  Let’s call it even shall we?)

Anyway, let’s hold on to these last few weeks of summer and forget the hectic school schedule is approaching.  Cheers!



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